We have more than 20 years’ experience assisting clients navigate the everchanging regulatory landscape.

We believe that we can not only enable them to comply with CDM, but commercially thrive with it as the cornerstone of their organisation.

As Principal Designer we support our clients and their project teams:

·       Improve and streamline their planning and design risk management processes
·       Target resources and effort most effectively for both construction and operational health and safety
·       Eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy

The CDM Regulations 2015

The CDM Regulations form a part of current health and safety legislation; dealing specifically with construction work. The key aim of these regulations is to integrate health and safety into the management of construction projects and to encourage everyone involved to work together.

The CDM Regulations have formed part of the construction process within the UK since 1995; however, from 06 April 2015 significant changes to this legislation have been implemented which apply to all building work including; new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions and maintenance.

The Principal Designer

On construction work which that is likely to involve two or more contractors on site; a client must appoint a Principal Designer to manage the Pre-Construction Phase of the project. The Principal Designer’s role has replaced that of the CDM Co-ordinator.

The Principal Designer is required to; assist the project set-up; assist with compiling and preparing the pre-construction information; co-ordinate the pre-construction phase; co-ordinate the designers; oversee design decisions; communicate with the client; liaise during the construction phase; communicate with the principal contractor and prepare the health and safety file.

To enable the Principal Designer to carry out these important duties; he must be appointed at the start of the Design Process (i.e. at the same time as any other designers involved are being appointed). A Principal Designer must be able to demonstrate to the client; his competence and resources to fulfil his role; i.e. that he has the knowledge, training (including qualifications) and experience as both a designer and a health and safety professional.

CDM Consultant

We fully appreciate that there are clients and fellow professionals (e.g. architects, engineers etc.) who have considerable design experience together with some knowledge / experience of health and safety management within construction. They may wish to fulfil the role of Principal Designer on particular projects due to size and / or complexity and in such situations Sanders Consulting would always be pleased to provide CDM Consultant Services. The new legislation does not prohibit this arrangement.

Minor Works

There is no doubt that CDM2015 will have impact on many smaller projects than the previous legislation; however, it must be remembered that the “arrangements” made for construction work should still be “in proportion to the risks and complexity associated with the project”. Therefore, a small project with few risks will require “simple and straightforward” arrangements.
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